Running Nokia and Samsung WP8 apps on the HTC 8x

HTC 8x

There is a pretty well known proxy hack that will allow Windows Phone users to simulate other device manufacturers when visiting the Windows Phone Store. This allows you to download and install Windows Phone 8 software that is exclusive to other devices. As any HTC Windows Phone user probably knows, they’ve basically been left in the dust by HTC. HTC hasn’t provided any decent apps or updates in months and they seem to be totally neglecting their Windows Phone users. I feel like I made a huge mistake by choosing HTC over Nokia (and yes, I’m very bitter because of it).

So that leaves us with a few choices, either just deal with it and receive no updates or support from a company that doesn’t care about you, get a new phone (and the only way to go is Nokia if you want to stick with WP8), or use this hack to get some of the cool Nokia and Samsung features on your phone.

Setting up the proxy:

To setup the proxy server on a Windows machine:

  1. Make sure your computer and your Windows Phone device is on the same WiFi network
  2. Download and install Fiddler from
  3. Run Fiddler
  4. Go to the Rules menu and click Customize Rules…
  5. Search the document for the text OnBeforeRequest, you should find the line:
  6. On the next line, add the following code: 

    That line of Javascript will cause all web service queries to the Windows Store to replace the “oemId” from HTC to NOKIA. Alternatively, you can change the oemId to SAMSUNG in order to download Samsung apps:

    So it should look similar to this screenshot:
  7. Now enable the Fiddler proxy server by going to the Tools menu and select Fiddler Options. On the Connections tab, check the “Allow remote computers to connect” checkbox.
    Fiddler Connections Tab
  8. Restart Fiddler (just exit and re-start it). Now that everything is configured, you can simply start Fiddler whenever you want to appear as a NOKIA phone to the Windows Phone Store.
  9. Now just take note of the IP address your computer is using on your Wireless network. You will need this when configuring phone. To get your network IP, open up a command prompt and type ipconfig | findstr "IPv4" (or just ipconfig to see more details and find the Wireless Adapter’s IPv4 address)
    Current IP

To configure your phone to communicate through the proxy:

  1. In Windows Phone 8, go to Settings
  2. In the Wifi Settings, select your wireless network
  3. Click on “PROXY” to enable the proxy client
  4. Enter the IP address of your computer (from Step #9 of the previous section) in the Server/URL Address field of your computer and port 8888 (or if you changed the default port in Fiddler, enter that one)
  5. Click “Done”
    WP8 Proxy Settings

Manufacturer Apps:

There are several good tools which will show you manufacturer-specific apps and when they were last updated. Check out SysApp Pusher, Lumia Pusher, Lumia Updater, and Phone System Updater on the Windows Phone Store. Please also note that all of my testing was based on the GDR3 developer preview update for the HTC 8x.

Nokia Apps that do work on HTC 8x

  • AppFolder
  • HERE Drive
  • HERE Drive +
  • HERE Explore Beta
  • HERE Maps
  • HERE Transit
  • My Nokia
  • Nokia Camera (v4.5.1.5 and later) – Smart Sequence feature doesn’t seem to work.
  • Nokia Camera Beta (v4.5.1.5 and later) – Smart Sequence feature doesn’t seem to work.
  • Nokia Cinemagraph
  • Nokia Conference Beta
  • Nokia Connect
  • Nokia Creative Studio
  • Nokia Device Hub Beta – Seems to work, I didn’t have a device to pair with
  • Nokia Glam Me
  • Nokia NFC Writer – Seems to work, I didn’t have NFC device to communicate with
  • Nokia Panorama – Not a good program, I recommend use PhotoSynth instead
  • Nokia Phone Recycler
  • Nokia Play To Beta – App opens, but it’s not finding my DLNA devices…
  • Nokia Storyteller Beta – Seemed to work pretty well, but it had an exception raised at one point. I think it was due to a bug in the application – after-all it IS beta
  • Nokia Video Trimmer
  • Nokia Video Uploader
  • PDF Reader
  • PhotoBeamer
  • Transfer my Data – Didn’t have a device to test this with, but it started up

Nokia apps that do NOT work on HTC 8x

  • Glance Background
  • Lumia Storage Check
  • Nokia Beamer
  • Nokia Camera (prior to v4.5.1.5)
  • Nokia MixRadio
  • Nokia Refocus – The app starts but I can’t seem to do anything with it
  • Play To – This app gets installed as “Play To” but doesn’t work. “Nokia Play To” (which I believe is the Beta version) does
  • Remote Photo – Searches for other device and says “Can’t find other device” then it seems to crash or exit abruptly
  • Ringtone Maker – App starts but an alert comes up saying it won’t work with this version of my phone
  • Sharebox – App starts but says it can’t run on this version of my phone

Samsung apps that work on HTC 8x

  • AppFolder – different than the Nokia version, it locks up when I try to create a folder in the app but several people have reported success with this
  • Paper Artist
  • Photo Editor
  • Photogram – runs a little laggy
  • Video Trimmer

Samsung apps that do NOT work on HTC 8x

  • FunShot
  • Samsung Link

Other Device Models (for the Fiddler CustomRules.js script):

Certain manufacturer specific applications will not install without changing the “dm=” section in step 6 above. Here is a list of of different Nokia models you can try.

Lumia 520

  • RM-915_lta_brazil_211

Lumia 525

  • RM-998_apac_sea_912
  • RM-998_apac_vietnam_915

Lumia 820

  • RM-824_nam_att_100
  • RM-824_nam_att_101

Lumia 925

  • RM-892_apac_sea_211
  • RM-893_nam_att_206
  • RM-893_nam_tmous_201

Lumia 920

  • RM-821_eu_france_267

Lumia 1020

  • RM-877_nam_att_205
  • RM-875_eu_euro1_260
  • RM-875_eu_belarus_russia_229

40 thoughts on “Running Nokia and Samsung WP8 apps on the HTC 8x”

    1. That’s interesting – I tried just about everything (short of a factory reset). I’m glad you chimed in actually, because I was reading about other people running the Samsung AppFolder app and I was curious why I couldn’t get it to work.

      It would lock up (in a very weird way) consistently when trying to name the folder. So when adding a folder, it would ask me for a folder name, the keyboard would be on the screen and I could interact with it, but the textbox would never receive the text I was typing. In fact, the whole screen was locked up, except the keyboard. I couldn’t put a text cursor in the textbox or hit back/home without it crashing out. Tried several times over the course of a few weeks and consistently had the same problem.

      Thanks for the comment, I will make an update to the post

  1. Hey! I tried doing this a dozen of times but failed, I think I am doing a mess in copying the line. Where i see their are 2 lines to copy and later in the screenshot their are 4 line ,maybe the appear later after entering the 2 lines
    To change OEM and then change to lumia 920. Please can you elaborate the copying lines step.
    I had all other OEM apps before( using proxy trick which don’t work now) but lost then while factory reset, yes app folder (samsung) works well.

    Thanks in advance and great work Adam:)
    If it would be convenient to you please mail me the modified custom rules , if only convenient I don’t want to trouble you.:)

    1. Yash, regarding that screenshot with 4 lines of code – I updated it so it should look better now. If the code starts with “//” it’s a comment – so it doesn’t get executed, it’s a note or a saved snippet of code that will not run. In both the screenshot and my example there was only 2 executable lines of code, everything else was just a comment. I removed them to avoid confusion, though.

  2. we can’t connect to store at the moment.check your data connection or try again. this error always.
    do mean ip address by server address/url of computer

    1. Hi yash, thanks for the feedback. I updated my post with information about the IP address you’re looking for. Yes, it is the IP address from the PC (running Fiddler). Basically all web traffic (including for the store) needs to route through the proxy server on fiddler before going out to the internet. Fiddler will change certain URL values.

  3. apps r not downloading but it is showing in downloads what to do….plz tell me i will be highly obloiged if u will solved mah prob…admin

    1. I have never had that issue, but here are a few things you may want to do to troubleshoot:

      – Check the logs in Fiddler to see what URL it’s posting to to make sure it’s the correct one (with the transformed URL).
      – Check that your proxy settings are correct on the phone.
      – Is your DNS server correct on the phone? Are you able to resolve domain names?
      – Can you hit normal websites in IE on your phone?
      – Can you download any non-Nokia apps?
      – Maybe try disabling Data Sense, too, although I’m pretty sure I had that enabled

      I ended up making the switch (thank god) to a Nokia phone recently. I do still have my HTC at home, though. I can boot it up when I get home and give it a shot, at least to make sure they haven’t prevented this hack from working.

  4. I did have same problems. But after just little modifications on the last step. I can download it. Before you tap “install”, make sure ever apps that you want to install is already opened. Note that you just open until description page and not until tap “install”. Tap home button, go to wi-fi setting. Close the proxy of which wifi connection you connected. Go back to the app description than tap “install”. It’s easier if you use sysapp pusher to open every app that you want to install.

  5. in log it is showing this error….
    02:36:25:9218 Fiddler Running…
    02:39:44:4687 HTTPSLint> Warning: ClientHello record was 309 bytes long. Some servers have problems with ClientHello’s greater than 255 bytes.
    02:40:08:1406 HTTPSLint> Warning: ClientHello record was 307 bytes long. Some servers have problems with ClientHello’s greater than 255 bytes.
    pls help me out….

    1. You should be able to, but it’s unlikely that it’ll work. When I would load stuff like “Glance” and other system related items on my HTC, some wouldn’t install at all, others would install but be disabled, or the ones that weren’t disabled would usually cause the phone to reboot itself when I would try to change something. I never got a system-config module from Nokia to work on my HTC. Plus the Beats stuff might actually be hardware related (not sure about that). I don’t think it would hurt to try, though…

      What phone do you currently have (and what carrier)? You would need something like this:

      oSession.PathAndQuery = oSession.PathAndQuery.Replace ("oemId=NOKIA", "oemId=HTC");
      // Replace Nokia 925 AT&T model with HTC 8x
      oSession.PathAndQuery = oSession.PathAndQuery.Replace ("dm=RM-893_nam_att_206", "dm=Windows%20Phone%208X%20by%20HTC");

  6. Hello Adam,

    Should the same proxy thing work for WP7 phones ? I just tried the same with my Samsung Omnia 7, but it still continues to consider itself as SAMSUNG.
    Even if it does not it’s not critical as I plan to get either X8 or ATIV S soon (hence will need Nokia apps), so was just practicing setting up the proxy (it seems to work well)

    – Vlad

    1. Vlad, I’m really not sure about WP7. If you setup the proxy and route your WP7 device through it, you can try to see what URLs it’s using for the WP7 Store and replace the oemId’s.

      To do it, perform all the steps I detailed above, just skip #4, 5, and 6.

      After you are routing everything through the proxy, check the URLs it’s using. You’re basically looking for the oemId in the URL query string. The URLs that you’re looking for use the hostname: (at least with WP8). See these screenshots of Fiddler:

      If the URL is using a similar structure as WP8, you should be able to manipulate the URL with a similar script (steps 4, 5, and 6) through the proxy. If you do end up successfully getting it to work, please let me know. I’m quite curious…

        1. Hi Vlad,

          I did some research and was playing around with it. I can successfully simulate a search as a Nokia phone and get Nokia-exclusive results (just through my web browser), but I’m not able to test the downloading of an app very easily without a WP7.1 device. Basically we need to replace “store=Samsung” with “store=Nokia” and “dm=OMNIA7” with a nokia device model like “dm=RM-803” in your URL. If you setup the Fiddler proxy and follow the steps in my blog post, but change step #6 to use this code:

          static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session) {
          oSession.PathAndQuery = oSession.PathAndQuery.Replace("store=Samsung", "store=Nokia");
          oSession.PathAndQuery = oSession.PathAndQuery.Replace("dm=OMNIA7", "dm=RM-803"); // RM-803 is the Nokia Lumia 710

          I think you might be able to get it to work. Here are the results of my search test. I searched for “Creative Studio” and I get a result for the “Nokia” branded app in the scenario where I simulate a Nokia phone, but not when I’m trying as a Samsung. So that’s a good sign.


          Please let me know if you have any luck. I will update my blog post with the results.


        2. Adam,

          Thanks a lot – it works. Just noticed this has to be Samsung, not SAMSUNG.
          Some apps fail to run later, but this I guess is expected

          – Vlad

  7. Hello, after upadting WP 8.1 on my HTC 8S i cant download Nokia or Samusng apps, before it goes well but now, i do everything like in WP 8 with Fiddler, in market it shows me the install button but nothing wownloads, can you help me?

  8. Hello ADAM,

    after installing WP 8.1 dev preview i cant download Nokia or Samsung apps on my HTC, before i have no problem using Fiddler, now in market i see an install button, but after pressing it nothing downloads :/ pls can you help with this? (sorry for my English 🙂 )

    1. Hi david, I have spent several hours trying to get this to work with WP 8.1 but haven’t had any luck. I’m getting the same result as you are: I can search and see them in the store, but as soon as I click the install button it starts for less than a second and then immediately stops. If I try to decrypt the HTTPS traffic in Fiddler, I then get this error on my phone:

      “There is a problem completing your request. Try again later. Inquiring minds may find this error code helpful: 80070008”.

      Fiddler then shows 0 bytes received from the connection, which makes me think it’s not validating a client cert of some sort. Hopefully someone will find a work-around for it…

      1. Hey, Adam.

        Any notice about this issue? I really need install “Nokia Access Point”, on my HTC to share the internet connetion. Mine is a unlocked Verizon model, but it’s half unlocked, it doesn’t allow me to do that neither send MMS because Verizon blocked the Apn settings.

        Thank you,

      2. In time, Adam.

        My 8X when was with WP 8 could install all Nokia Apps. After upgrade to WP 8.1, I encoutered the same problem as David an you.

        Have you or anyone found a solution?

        Thank you,

    2. hello David,

      Just curious (I plan to do the same – buy 8X and upgrade to 8.1) : Nokia apps that you had already installed on 8.0 using proxy continue to run on 8.1 ? This could be some relief if they do, means “first install all what you need on 8.0 and only then upgrade to 8.1”

      – Vlad

      1. That’s it, Vlad. Before upgrading to WP 81, install all you need because, after you couldn’t. I discovered it in the worst way. Installed only one app, Accesse Point, and it was working fine. I needed to factory reset my 8X and now I can’t install it anymore.


  9. Hello Adam! Thanks for this article! I have a problem: my HTC 8x is with Windows Phone 8.1 Preview. After the steps with Fiddler, when I try to install the any app from Nokia, the buttom “Install” appears on the phone, I click, the buttom “Check Install” appears, but in a few seconds, it is back to the buttom “Install” again. Do you know what`s the problem? I’m using Fiddler in Windows 8.1. I try to install other apps from other manufactures and the buttom “Install” works, but with “Downloading” in bad speed.

  10. Thanks so much for this hack! I saw somewhere that it was well known or something to that effect. I have had the unlocked Verizon htc 8x for a year or two and have never seen this hack and believe me I have looked for a way to get the apn settings on my phone so the mms would work. (I had thought when I purchased the phone that as cool as the phone was, Verizon or HTC would come out with a fix for the mms. Boy, I was sadly mistaken!) Amazingly, I ran across it this past week. So, I haven’t had a lot of success with all of the apps downloading, but some have downloaded. The main thing is that I can finally do mms because the nokia access point app did download! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Just wondering, is there a hack to get T-mobile’s wifi calling to work on it? Now, that is asking too much I imagine. If I update to WP8.1, how will I keep the access point for mms? Do I save it somehow? Is it possible?

    1. I don’t have my HTC anymore, but when I last checked, it seemed like they added some extra security to prevent this. I have been debating on moving back from Nokia to the HTC One, but with HTC’s poor app support, I wouldn’t want to with this hack no longer working. From what I know, it’s no longer possible, but don’t quote me on that 🙂

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