Lots of BitCollectors software and website updates


Alejandra and I have been quite busy over here at BitCollectors over the last couple of months.  We have re-done our website at www.bitcollectors.com, updated our blogs at blog.bitcollectors.com, made several software updates, and even released a couple of new projects. See below for further details on the updates.

BitCollectors Main Site

We have published a major website update at bitcollectors.com. We actually have real meaningful information, which is a huge improvement over our last “quick brown fox” website that had been up for over a year.

The new site has information about our software consulting services and individual project pages for each of our applications.

It was written using ASP.NET MVC 5, .NET 4.5.1, and Microsoft SQL 2012. We have taken a serious Responsive Design approach to our web development recently, and by doing so, the website should be fully functional in just about any smartphone or tablet browser.

There is more information about each project that is hosted over there below.

BitCollectors Blog

My blog has been moved off of the hosted WordPress.com over to one of our servers.  We now are maintaining everything and have the ability to implement our own features and plugins – it’s much nicer than having it hosted for us.

Alejandra has also started a blog over at blog.bitcollectors.com/ale

Software Projects

BitCollectors PLink Service

This is a newly released open source application that allows you to easily connect to an SSH server and establish a (semi) permanent tunnel from a Windows machine. It is a Windows Service that acts as a front-end to Plink.exe from Simon Tatham (creator of PuTTY). It also has the ability to perform tunnel pings periodically, so if the tunnel goes down, Plink.exe can be restarted.

QFG Character Editor

There is now a project page and Windows setup file available for the Quest for Glory Character Editor (instead of just source code on our GitHub), which now includes support for both QFG 2 in addition to QFG 1 character export files. The Character Editor webapp has also been updated to reflect these changes and is available at qfg.bitcollectors.com.

Advanced Project Configurations (formerly known as ProjectConfigSync)

No updates have been made, but I do have some future plans for this. Project page is up.


No updates have been made, but I do have some future plans for this. Project page is up.

Welcome Screen Cleaner (project page coming soon)

No updates have been made, but I do have some future plans for this. Project page is up.

Smashteroids (game coming soon)

Arcade style space shooter written in Unity3D.  Coming soon for Windows Phone 8, Windows, and Web.

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