QFG Character Editor setup file and QFG2 characters supported

QFG Character Editor

I’ve had the code written for a while for a setup project and QFG2 support in my QFG Character Editor but I wanted to finish up support for changing the amount of money the character has before publishing it.  Since I haven’t had a chance to make those changes, I figured I should go ahead and just build what I have and share it online.

So here it is, QFG Character Editor v1.5 with support for importing/exporting characters from Quest for Glory 1 and Quest for Glory 2.

The source code is still at: github.com/aplocher/BitCollectors.QfgCharacterEditor

And the web app (for editing your character files online) is still available at: qfg.bitcollectors.com

Update (11.19.2013): QFG2 support is now available in the web app. The link that was here before for the Setup file was an older version, you can find the latest version over at the new project page at:

8 thoughts on “QFG Character Editor setup file and QFG2 characters supported”

    1. Thanks :). I really want to add QFG3 and 4 support but I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to reverse engineer those files. I may revisit that again soon, but those files seem to be done in a different way than QFG1 and 2 were.

  1. Hey, this is a really cool project — Quest for Glory was definitely one of my favourite games growing up. Finding your Character Editor sure reignited my enjoyment of this game, so much so that I’ve dived right in with identifying all the bytes in the sav files (for QFG1 to start), from gold to experience to puzzle points to number of flasks of undead unguents in inventory, to whether or not you defeated Baba Yaga! It’s amazing looking at the kinds of things the Coles thought they might use in the sequels.

    What got you interested in creating an editor for the exported characters?

    1. Thanks Charles! I’m not really sure why I built this. I guess I was just looking for a good character editor and all the ones I found were from the mid 90s and none of them worked well. Every few years I like to crack open my old Sierra games and play through them, and I suppose I just saw this as a challenge. I would love to get QFG3 and 4 support, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to reverse engineer those files. I was even looking into possibly adding support for saved game files (in addition to the character export files), which I may still do.

      1. I know what you mean about QFG3/4… at first I thought it was simply that they used 16-bit (big-endian) integers instead of the 8-bit integers they used in QFG1/2, but that doesn’t explain why the data seems to have a variable length.

        Using 16-bit ints, and the same XOR encryption scheme used for QFG1/2 I’ve determined the *locations* of the skill stats, but not the values, so I think my initial cypher is off… and even then, because of the variable length, it all goes wonky around about the HP/SP/MP/Experience locations.

        I’m still working on it, too, but at this point, only as time permits, and lately it has not permitted. 😉

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