Installing Windows 7 on an HP p2-1334 Desktop PC

HP p2-1334

I had so much trouble getting Windows 7 to load on the HP p2-1334 Desktop PC.  The only OS option it comes with is Windows 8, which I actually like quite a bit, but it’s for one of the staff I work with and I didn’t feel like training them on it – plus it wasn’t the Pro edition so I couldn’t join it to the domain without upgrading.

I decided it might be nice to throw together a small tutorial on loading Windows 7, and hopefully help at least one poor soul out there. I’ve also read complaints about not being able to change the boot priority (despite the fact that this is an option in the BIOS), which I will also address here.

Before you begin, download the Atheros AR8152 network driver for Windows 7 from and save it to a USB thumb drive, or burn it to a DVD/CD. The one at for this model PC will not work, it will only work with Windows 8.

To start, you will need to change several options in the BIOS.

  • Hold down the ESCAPE key when you power ON the computer until a menu is shown
  • Go into the Computer Setup
    • Go to the Security Menu, and Secure Boot Configuration
      • Enable Legacy Support
      • Disable Secure Boot
      • Disable Fast Boot
      • Press F10 to save your settings
    • Go to the File Menu and select Save Changes and Exit

Now you should be able to install Windows 7. Insert the disc, hold ESCAPE and boot the machine again. You can now go to the boot menu and select the DVD-ROM drive to boot from. Follow the normal steps for installing Windows 7.

Once Windows 7 is up and running, you will probably notice that the Atheros AR8152 network driver couldn’t be found. Insert the USB thumb drive or disc that you burnt with the drivers for your NIC. At the time of this writing, the latest version was Go into Device Manager (in the Start menu, right click on Computer, go to Properties, and in the left column click Device Manager), go to properties on the network card and choose “Update driver”. Select the folder with the INF and SYS files from your USB drive – note, if they’re still in a ZIP file, you will need to extract them first.

If your system has the AMD Radeon HD 7310 (which I think all of them do), you will need to use sp57269.exe from  If you go to and search for this PC, it will only offer sp58347.exe which is only for Windows 8.  I found sp57269.exe by Googling it, which I downloaded from here:

Once your NIC and graphics drivers are installed, you should be able to finish updating the drivers from Windows Update. Be sure to include all OPTIONAL updates when running Windows Update.

That’s it!

52 thoughts on “Installing Windows 7 on an HP p2-1334 Desktop PC”

  1. 9/21/2013

    Spent hours…like 8…trying to find and transfer a driver for the Atheros AR8152 for an HP 110-014. Even after finding the web site on my own I was till having problems. Your instructions were perfect, ended my frustration, got my business software back on line, and made my day. Thanks mucho!

    Go Niners!!!

  2. Thanks for the information! However, even after installing the drivers for the NIC, the network keeps going in and out whenever it wants. Is there something wrong with the NIC or the driver?

    1. Hi John, honestly I’m not too sure. When I loaded the Atheroz AR8152 drivers back when I wrote this, I didn’t have any problems. You may want to go into the driver settings (under Device Manager) and lower it from full duplex to half duplex and see if that makes any improvement. It may slow down the NIC a little, but it could make it more reliable.

  3. Never mind, I downloaded it. However when i Try to install the driver, it won’t install. Any ideas how to fix that problem?

  4. Some other models can use this guide, but some also require you to enable Floppy/USB in legacy even to use the internal drive. It worked for me along with this guide.

  5. I followed all your nice instructions but when i try to install windows 7 i keep getting boot manager is missing press control alt delete, keeps on repeting will not allow me to get past that

  6. Before I venture into these unknown (for me) waters, I need to ask if the process will also work for an HP Envy 327. I can’t wait to get rid of Windows 8.

  7. Best thing to do is not buy an HP system. What a lot of crap to simply change from that useless Windows 8.

  8. I found it also necessary, as per Don A. above informative note, to disable UEFI completely so I could boot to the CD and install Windows 7. Microsoft is really proving that are not a business OS. Maybe that is a smart thing.

  9. Thank a lot for your post, You saved me a lot of time for downgrade Win8>Win7 PRO on HP 110-320nl AMD A6

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