Quest for Glory Character Editor

I’ve uploaded the C# source code for my Quest for Glory Character Editor.  Currently it only supports editing or creating characters from QFG1, but I’m very close to finishing up support for QFG2.  It took some work to reverse engineer some of the checksums that are generated, but the support for QFG1 is pretty solid and I’m very happy with the progress I’m making with QFG2 (QFG2 code isn’t yet checked in).

Please let me know if you find any issues or wish to contribute to the code.  In particular, I could definitely use some help with support for QFG3 and 4.

I will package up a setup file for it eventually, but for now the code and compiled exe are available at:  If you plan on downloading the exe, I believe I’m targeting .NET4 (Client Profile should work).

I will also be providing an ASP.NET version eventually, so you can make edits or create a new character without ever needing to install anything.

QFG Character Editor - Screenshot

Update (02-14-2013): Updated GitHub URL to new repository name.

Update (05-17-2013): QFG character editor web app is online at:  See blog post about it: here.  Also, watch for an update very soon with QFG2 support.  The code is checked in to GitHub and works but I’m trying to wrap up a couple other features, such as the ability to edit your gold inventory.  I will update the web app and have a setup file available when it’s ready.  I will keep you posted!

Update (06.14.2013): QFG2 character support has been added and the setup file is available now.  Please see my latest post at: HERE.

Update (11.19.2013): there is now an official project page for this application.  To keep up to date on the latest releases, please check out

6 thoughts on “Quest for Glory Character Editor”

  1. How can I download the .exe file … I just see code … no idea about how to use Github. Best regards!

    1. Hi Christina, I’ve been slacking a bit. I actually have QFG2 character support finished, and need to package it up in a setup file. I have a web app online for editing QFG1 characters at: . I also have QFG2 support coded for that, I just need to deploy it. I may try to get to that in the next few days.

  2. Not sure if you’re aware (or if it’s with the steam versions), but any qfg1 export imports as a fighter into qfg2 – ie, with chain mail instead of leathers and no thieves guild licence/tools for thieves…

    I’m playing the ega versions if that makes a difference.

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